Nuremberg Forum 2022 - 13, 14 and 15 October 2022

The Nuremberg Forum 2022 as a Hybrid Event

This year´s Nuremberg Forum will be of hybrid nature, meaning that participants can partake in the event in person and from afar. Part of this event will utilise the software “Slido”, which will allow you to pose questions to the panel and allow us to poll responses to motions. A “motion” is a simple statement designed to be an anchor point for discussion.

To make the experience as seamless as possible, we will ask everyone at the start of the conference to answer a demo motion via Slido. Participants on-site will access Slido by scanning the QR-code at the back of the brochure and entering the conference code 3653103. Online participants can directly access Slido which is embedded on the event platform next to the livestream. The demo/practice question will quickly familiarise everyone with Slido, thus avoiding hiccups later and getting excitement going. Once this has been done after the keynote addresses at the start of day 1, we can begin with the panels.

At the beginning of each panel, its members and the audience are presented with a motion which reflects a component of the panel’s subject. These motions might be specific to a particular theme within the broader context of the panel but shall not narrow down the panel discussions.

After the panel discussion, Q&A will begin and audience members in person and participating remotely can enter questions via the Slido app or “upvote” the questions of others they would also like to see answered. When the Q&A ends, the motion will be revisited and the audience may vote on it, with a simple “agree” vs. “disagree” format.

Day 1:

Panel I: ICC’s Major Achievements

Slido Motion: The ICC´s Achievements have upheld the need for international courts.

Panel II: Complementarity: Universal Aspirations versus Tangible Results

Slido Motion: The ICC´s complementary jurisdiction has produced tangible results justifying its aspirations.

Panel II: Goal Setting: How Deterrent is the ICC in Reality

Slido Motion: The ICC deters crimes effectively.

Day 2:

Panel IV: Justice is Interconnected and Does Not End with a Sentencing: Reflecting on the Needs of Victims, Witnesses and the Accused Before the ICC

Slido Motion: Acquittals are perceived by the international community as failures of the ICC.

Panel V: Whose Outreach and to Whom?

Slido Motion: ICC´s outreach strategy is an effective dialogue with victims.

Panel VI: The ICC in the Next Five, Ten and 15 Years

Slido Motion: The ICC is on the right track to reach its full potential.