Nuremberg Forum 2022 - 13, 14 and 15 October 2022

Brigid Inder OBE

Brigid Inder, OBE co-founded and was the former Executive Director of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice, an international women’s human rights organisation that worked on justice and peace building programmes with communities in armed conflict situations and advocated with the ICC for the investigation and prosecution of sexual and gender-based crimes. She is the recipient of the inaugural Bertha von Suttner Peace Prize and formerly the Special Advisor on Gender to the Prosecutor of the ICC. As an advocate, she has advised governments on gender equality and women’s rights issues during several United Nations global policy negotiations as well as at the UN Earth Summit, Human Rights Council, and the Commission on the Status of Women. Ms. Inder, OBE continues to be involved in a number of international justice initiatives including the global campaign to recognise ecocide as a new international crime within the ICC’s jurisdiction. She is currently working on truth-telling and redress initiatives in relation to historical male sexual and physical abuse and provides training for peace building networks in conflict and post-conflict countries including Myanmar.